"I’m more than just a friendly winged red panda with a penchant for devouring cookies, I’m an administrator, voice actress, chatroom moderator, art team member, and general mischief maker for HTH Studios. Frankie the wonder dog accompanies me to the studio, where he spends his time stealing socks and generally being adorable.

After first meeting Crowchild in July of 2012, I got a first-hand look at HTH's development and was so impressed that I quickly volunteered any help I could. I dove in head first, and soon found myself immersed in studio affairs, much to my delight.

When I’m not hanging around in the studio, I spend my time as a freelance artist, model horse collector, going on crazy adventures with my husband, and spoiling my pets rotten.

I’m currently working towards my dream of overthrowing Canada with my tiny iron fist, and becoming the Supreme Overlord of "Panada." All your cookies are belong to me! :3"